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Profitable Trading System Liquid stocks from NASDAQ

Market activity

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Expedia Inc.
4/28 $107.50 CLOSE 4/29 $118.00 +9.7%

Skywest Inc.
4/28 $20.00 CLOSE 4/29 $21.69 +8.45%


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Welcome to NDAQsystem! The easy way to trade liquid stocks from NASDAQ.

Up to 1100% in cumulative profits since 2010.
Welcome to NDAQSystem.com, we introduce you in the world of the stock market with a very simple and easy to follow strategy.
The system is based on technical analysis,price ranges and a volatility index, it trades only long positions with an excellent performance, up to 1100% in cumulative profits since inception.

Easyto trade

Limit and Stop loss orders
Trade the largest U.S electronic stock market with the fastest executions and the greatest stocks based on market capitalization from Nasdaq Composite. Limit the risk with a target and stop loss on each trade, we recommend to use limit and stop limit orders to trade the system. on a portfolio basket the system try to predict the beggining of a bull trend line.


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We introduce you to a system that is very simple and easy to follow. Only six open positions at one time.
Emails with daily signals and information in the member's page will be extended. You only have to spend a few minutes in front of your computer or contact your broker to place the orders.

Daily email

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Daily email Alerts
We send a daily email alert around 22:30 EST, also posted in the member's page.

Members Page
We also post daily recomendations with clear instructions on the member's page

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